In Progress:

Beings of Fiber: still
Beings of Fiber

Beings of Fiber is an animated family tragedy told through tubular vein-like characters.

pressing matter: still pressing matter: still
Pressing Matter

Pressing Matter (2016-present) is an exploratory multilayered experience navigated through the use of a touch screen and interactive projection. Inspiration for the visuals come from external and internal human anatomy. The final version of this piece is to be experienced as an interactive installation.


Pressing Matter: Nervous System Pressing Matter: Nervous System
Pressing Matter: Nervous System

Pressing Matter: Nervous System (2018) is an interactive installation that is comprised of LEDs, memory foam, and audio recordings of a child's cry. The piece invites the viewers to experience light, texture, and sound through a playful, yet slightly unsettling, representation of skin. This piece stemmed from Pressing Matter, by further investigating its element of touch.

Pull Marion's Strings: pedestal Pull Marion's Strings: installation
Pull Marion's Strings

Pull Marion's Strings (2010) is a 4-user interactive installation that engages its users to “pull” a robotic marionette’s strings. The purpose of this piece is to expose human awkwardness and frailty by allowing Marion's body parts to be manipulated independantly from each other.

Happy NYC Subway Map: screen capture
Happy NYC Subway Map

Happy NYC Subway Map (2009) is an interactive digital representation of the colorful NYC commute.

begPardon: screen capture

begPardon (2008) is a child-like approach to net-poetry.

I Mortal, Bed of Poses: top level I Mortal, Bed of Poses: bottom level
I Mortal: Bed of Poses

The transitory tomb is a crypt originally used in late 14th century Northern Europe. These structures were created to juxtapose the grandeur of titles and personal decor with mortality and deterioration as a way of remembering the dead. I Mortal: Bed of Poses (2007) is a rendition of my own transi-tomb.

Elevator Twister
Elevator Twister

The elevator is a place where people are forced to be physically close to one another, yet most fail to speak or even look at those around them when found there. Twister too forces people to be physically close but it is highly interactive. Elevator Twister (2006) combines the two—making the physical space become more obvious.


Sunnyside P.O.: still
Sunnyside P.O.

A hidden camera captures the mundane activity of waiting in line at a Queens post office. Special care was taken to ensure the privacy of the individuals found in Sunnyside P.O. (2009).

anatoMy: still 1 anatoMy: still 2

anatoMy (2009) is a moving anatomy diagram that reveals the artists' softer side.

Pork Skin: still
Pork Skin

Pork Skin (2007) is a performance piece involving a pork butt, a knife, and frame by frame animation.

Containers: still

In Containers (2006), an anonymous pregnant woman finds herself trapped in a small room. This video piece dissects the notion of a container in several layers.

Dear John: still
Dear John

In Dear John (2006), a man sits down to write a letter but finds himself analyzing his past, present, and future.

Window Pains: still
Window Pains

In Window Pains (2006), a park, some apartments, and a path connect several individuals and their stories together.


being of fiber: still
being of fiber

being of fiber (2012) is an immersive looping animation with audio. This piece is designed to be experienced in a gallery setting.

Progressive Streetscape: still
Progressive Streetscape

Progressive Streetscape (2010) is a journey from a static streetscape to one with sound and motion.

Accumulate, In 3 Parts: still
Accumulate: In 3 Parts

Accumulate: In 3 Parts (2009) is a stop-motion animation that explores the notion of accumulation through three brief but striking experiences.

Organs: still

In Organs (2007), the viewer is taken on an inward journey of (alphabetically analyzed) catastrophic potential.

Favorita Sopita: still
Favorita Sopita

In Favorita Sopita (2007), the magic found in the perspective of a child does not survive the test of time (nor does the childs' mother).

Winter Kite: still
Winter Kite

Winter Kite (2006) is an animated poem that speaks of a beautiful winter landscape untouched and pure that is ultimately, and inevitably, defiled.

In Concept:

dripStainScrub is a performative video piece inspired by a striking life-lesson analogy given to the artist as a child.

anatoYour expands anatoMy. It applies motion tracking to individuals captured on surveillance footage.